Friday, April 15, 2011

Cloud Computing

What is the Cloud and how does it affect me / you.

As for myself, I am building my business in the cloud...   That is me and my situation.   I work out of my home and at one time I did have a large server running in my office performing all the duties that I needed it to perform, email, monitoring as well as file storage.  I then of course had to make sure that it was being backed up.

The cost of the server per month in electricity was approx $20.00, but that was nothing to the noise and the amount of heat the unit produced.   Obviously this was not a brand new server, if it were the cost and heat would not have been as big of a issue.  It was around 5 years old....  

I migrated my Exchange Server to Google Apps Premier, and it has performed it main function without fail, email and calendar.   It does not have and probably will never have all the functions that Exchange has, but it suits my purpose.   It is a wonderful thing to be able to search all of your email from a Droid phone.   Could never do that with a Blackberry, Windows Mobile, or Iphone on Exchange.

I moved all of my files which were needed to Dropbox, if you don't know what this is, then I would suggest that you go to the site and check it out.   All of my files live in the cloud and are available to all of my devices, droid, mac, pc doesn't matter.   2 GB are free to start so check it out.

Monitoring, you don't need this unless you are a MSP, but I will mention it anyway.   I use a service that monitors all 400plus servers and workstations in the cloud.  I do pay a little more, but I do not have to worry with the server, updates or any of the other issues around keeping a monitoring service up and running.   I also have my PSA running in the cloud.  

The only applications that I use that are not in the cloud is Quickbooks and Office...   I think that is pretty cool.  Regardless of the device that is with me I can access all my files and data for a very reasonable amount.

What do you think?   Drop me a line at

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

People that don't understand Technology

You know, this is really going to be short.   No much to say other than, people that do not understand technology need to leave it alone.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Very Good Reasons NOT to Buy a iPhone or Droid for that matter

These are funny, and I could not resist the opportunity to forward them.   Some may be a bit of the top, still funny none the less.   I'm sure all of us can relate to a text going out not quite the way we intended.

Microsoft's Window of Opportunity is now but will they take advantage of it?

I think everyone including Microsoft would agree that they have failed when it comes to the hand held market.  Windows Mobile always felt like a severely stripped down version of the desktop OS, and perhaps that was there intent, but it really just didn't work for the masses.    Rim did a great job at of integrating the Phone and Messaging, and has held the position for years, until Apple came out with the iPhone.    Not that I am a huge fan of the iPhone, but it truly did cause a shift in the mobile OS world.

Now that a little time has passed since the iPhone, we have seen Microsoft's Windows Mobile is gone from the market and Nokia is not a player in the U.S. market at the moment.  But Android is everywhere...   Android a small mobile OS purchased by Google has and is taking the market by storm.   It has been a game changer, and has every one's attention to say the least.    Take a look the Moto Atrix which is on the AT&T network.  This design shows Microsoft's window of opportunity.

If Microsoft can provide a stable platform which would allow the user to bring there "desktop" in their pocket they will once again capture the market.  If you look at the Atrix, a phone which docs and turns into a laptop, that is brilliant.  Yes it can open word docs, excel, power point presentations, but only in a limited fashion.   It cannot interact with a host of other business applications.   Windows Phone 7 is a nice phone by today's standards, but it is a little late to the party.   Make this phone where I can use it for business, with real security. 

Here is the winning recipe.
  • AD integration
  • Ability to dock and turn into laptop
  • Fun
That is all that they need to do, in my humble opinion of course. 

What are your thoughts..........

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

SBS 2008 Backups Failing

I had a problem with a SBS 2008 server's backup.   The backup would fail and I could not seem to find the problem.   

The problem turns out to be related to the VSS writers, and was not the easiest thing to find the fix for.   The fix itself is easy, just knowing about is not.

Microsoft Support KB Go to this link to look at the KB and the resolve.

Monday, February 28, 2011

To go Pro or not to go Pro

I did it!   Wasn't easy, truly wasn't.   I now have a Mac Book Pro with a dual core processor.   I could have simply gotten the Macbook for $40.00 less, but I felt the difference was worth it for the Aluminum unibody if no other reason at all.  

Since the new Pros came out with the i5 and i7 processors the older ones have really come down in price, which I took advantage of....  

I have been told by endless mac users about how easy the mac is to setup etc, well I really don't see any difference.   I had to patch the OS just like windows, and I'm having to install office just like windows.  There really isn't a whole lot of difference from windows....  

Hardware - from a purely technical spec point of view this system was not a good deal at all.  The processor is a generation behind, but it does have 4gb of ram and a 250gb hd.  From that point of view I paid at least twice the value for this computer.    Quality and feel???   I must say that I am very impressed with the fit and finish of this piece of equipment.  The keyboard is a absolute pleasure to type on, and having a backlit keyboard is something I am really enjoying too.     The feel of the unibody construction is solid if nothing else.  

I feel as if I am speaking out of both sides of my mouth, and I guess I am.  I guess it comes down to this.  I really don't see the big deal with the software, but I am enjoying the hardware.  Not to happy as to why I had to purchase this darn thing either....  

Those are my thoughts....    What are yours.....

MACs what is the big deal

It seems like more and more these days I am finding myself working on macs, and to be honest it can be a struggle.   The things are so different from a Window gui, you almost think they do their best to make it as different as possible...  in some cases it is an exact mirror opposite of windows. 

Regardless, I find myself about to walk out the door and purchase one.   I find it terribly troubling to force myself to by one.   Why is it, I have such a mental block when it comes to these things.  The hardware is great and the QA is great, I suppose it is just the fact that I feel I must purchase one and I don't want to purchase one.

I will keep you apprised of my delve into the mac world.   I already have my plans to become mac certified.  Another cert is all that I need.